Young Professionals board

Making an Impact

The Young Professionals Board (YPB) is a committed, dynamic group of emerging leaders in their 20s and 30s who pledge their financial resources, time, networks and skills to support the children and families of Bear Necessities. YPB members are passionate about Bear Necessities’ mission of eliminating pediatric cancer and providing hope and support to those who are touched by it. 

The Young Professionals Board:

  • Enhances the efforts of Bear Necessities
  • Builds upon and elevates Bear Necessities’ brand while generating funds and support for the organization
  • Develops future Bear Necessities leaders

Want to bring hope and joy into more children’s lives by making a donation and supporting the YPB? 



The YPB hosts several events throughout the year, including Purple Affair for the Bear, an unforgettable, marquee fundraiser attended by more than 600 individuals annually. The 2022 event will take place on Saturday, May 14, at The Old Post Office in Chicago. Find out more about how to support this event.

YPB members also get access to:

  • Resume-worthy leadership opportunities through committee service
  • High-level networking experiences, exciting events, and service opportunities
  • Experience in philanthropy through special fundraising efforts

Requirements for YBP membership include:

  • Attendance at monthly meetings
  • $200 annual dues
  • $250 fundraising commitment 
  • Participation on one committee
  • Participation at events

Ready to join or want to learn more? Email [email protected] today. 

Find YPB on Instagram: @bearnecessitiesypb

YPB Members 2021-2022

Emma Ashurst
Jackson Blanchard
Megan Britton
Will Canning
Maralee Capella
Alexandria Cutrone
Nicolina Falcone
Anthony Ferrazzuolo
Tina Fioretti
Hope Forrester
Sam Frazen
Sophia Gilardone
Hannah Gillis
Fiona Girard
Zach Gloyne
Jon Hechtner
Joe Herr
Emily Jenkins
Brenda Kavalerski
Kelly Keyzer
Kelly Kohl
Jessica Kouliev

JJ Lee
Corey Levin
Ryan Lieberman
Matthew Mahoney
Maclain Mills
Mimi Nary
Molly O’Neill
Frank Parise
Alec Pearson
Paulina Perkaus
Alexis Siurek
Matthew Touhy
Andrew Touhy
Anastasia Verven
Mariah Vichich
Ryan Walton
Jack Waters

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