What is family support services (fss)?

We offer financial relief to all families who qualify for a Bear Hug. Families are eligible for $500 per instance of diagnosis and relapse, which can be used for gas, groceries, transportation, or assistance in paying utility bills.

why is fss important?

The financial burden of a pediatric cancer diagnosis is profound, and many parents or guardians are forced to quit their job, or cut back on hours, to care for their child while they undergo treatment. Many families drive to hospitals hours away from their home to get the best treatment for their child, requiring expensive hotel stays and meals away from home. Consequently, some families have difficulty paying for basic needs. To ease this burden, Bear Necessities provides gas and grocery gift cards, among other necessities, to ensure they can continue caring for their child without the additional anxiety of making ends meet.

When surveyed, our parents overwhelmingly reported that FSS:

you can make a difference

Learn more about how you can make a donation to help fund a Bear Hug or Family Support Services. If you would like to make an in-kind gift, including gas station or grocery store gift cards, please contact [email protected] or 312-214-1200 x25.

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