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The Bear Necessities Counseling Program helps address the psychological and emotional needs of families affected by childhood cancer. We are proud to partner with SamaraCare Counseling to provide this critical support to those who have been touched by pediatric cancer by assisting with the cost of counseling for the pediatric cancer patient and their family.

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Email [email protected] to express interest and obtain our Counseling Referral Form.

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One counseling session costs $150. To help our families receive the critical mental health care they need, please consider making a donation today.

Riley | Age 4 | diagnosed with T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma

“Riley was diagnosed with lymphoma in September, and by October, treatment caused hair loss, weight loss, and weakness so he couldn’t walk. He lost interest in his toys. He only wanted to lay down and watch TV. We stayed at Ronald McDonald house, and their family dining area had a Pac-Man machine. It was the first thing Riley showed interest in. It made him smile and laugh. Within a month, you delivered the exact same machine to us, and it has brought so many hours of fun and enjoyment. He only likes to play it together with the two of us, so it’s a fun escape for us both. We can’t thank you enough for giving my son joy when he had none.” –Kim, Riley’s mom

Bobby | Age 17 | diagnosed with B Cell Lymphoma

“Bobby was totally blown away when he received his Bear Hug gift. Not only did it pick him up and make him feel so special, his new Apple Watch has been an incredible tool to utilize in his recovery from treatment.  Not a day goes by that he doesn’t wear this Apple Watch you bought him!  His heart rate was extremely high after his chemotherapy, and the watch made him feel safe being able to monitor it all times.” –Jen, Bobby’s mom

Elena | Age 4 | diagnosed with neuroblastoma

“Where do I begin with the American Girl doll shopping spree!   Elena had a blast. It was such an amazing experience with our very own personal shopper. Thank you again for this. It was something she will always remember. Something I will always remember.” – Ruby, Elena’s mom

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